About Us


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We are a certified Bumiputera software company, founded in 2019. Our core mission is to provide education to the people of Sabah, particularly entrepreneurs, in the realm of digitalization. Our overarching vision is to elevate Sabahan Entrepreneurs to a level of excellence comparable to their counterparts, whether they are local or international entrepreneurs.
We also play a role in raising IT awareness among the local population. Collaborating closely with government agencies, we facilitate the introduction of software applications to the community. Our firm conviction is that enhancing IT literacy represents the path forward for the progress of Sabah.
We offer a comprehensive array of services that span from devising IT strategy plans to overseeing project management and implementation, all the while maintaining a steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional support.


On 17 December 2023, Terra Tech Borneo was honored by Majlis Tindakan Pengguna Negara (MTPN) as one of the trusted brands in Sabah.

After received this award, our motivation soars to new heights. We're fueled by this recognition to not only maintain but surpass your expectations. Our future plans are laser-focused on enhancing your experience — from expanding our product range to refining our services. The award inspires us to innovate, ensuring our products and services reflect the quality and trust you deserve. Stay tuned for exciting developments as we embark on this journey of excellence together!


Customer Is Our Strength
Customer Satisfaction Is Our Priority
Commitment & Quality
Hard Work & Discipline Yield The Best Results
Continous Self-Improvement
Excellent Reputation & Always Participate
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To advance the development of the company
To strengthen the reputation of achievement in providing high quality of services & supplies to customers.
The provision of professional staff & skilled in performing tasks more productively & systematically.
Continue to strive to perform tasks better, efficiently & dedicatedly in addition to being able to benefit the company.
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To support micro and small businesses in achieving sustainable success. We achieve this by offering them tailored solutions and valuable suggestions, enabling them to operate with effectiveness and efficiency within a highly competitive business landscape.